Sun In Third House: Vedic Astrology

Sun In 3rd House
Sun In 3rd House

The third house is known as Sahaj Bhav in Vedic astrology. It regulates all forms of letters and supports communication. It concerns how we interact with others and exchange information. This house has control over a variety of communication channels, including the phone, media, TV, radio, postal service, social media, telegraphy, and more. Additionally, having the Sun in this residence will make people more inclined to chat a lot. Sun in third house locals are probably passionate travellers who find happiness and fulfilment there.

Sun In 3rd House
Sun In 3rd House

The areas affected due to the Sun in the 3rd house:

  • Profession
  • Higher education and learning
  • Attitude towards people
  • Attitude towards self

Positive Traits/Impact

Well, their selflessness is the main aspect of their personality. Everyone is helped by them. And they naturally possess it; it is part of who they are. They are also incredibly close to their friends and family. They can go above and beyond to offer them all the assistance and support they need.

People with the Sun in the third house are intelligent. They have a strong feeling of ambition and pride and are keen but erect. The locals also possess a strong, firm will that helps them to be independent. It gives kids a desire to succeed in life. Despite all the obstacles and challenges in life, people with the Sun in the Third House continue to move forward.

What they desire and what they stand for are both extremely apparent to them. They are not mentally unstable. Their confidence is fueled by their lucidity. They can accomplish anything they set out to do.

Additionally, those with the Sun in the third house place great value on wisdom and knowledge. They also believe in sharing their knowledge with friends, family, and well-wishers rather than just acquiring it for oneself. Sun in the third house inhabitants have a great desire to experiment and discover new things. They enjoy visiting new locations and getting a variety of viewpoints on the world, in addition to their desire to study.

They enjoy investigating new ideas and moving about, yet they are hesitant to accept novel thoughts. Before they begin to believe any novel thought or concept, they look for some proof.

The natives of the Sun in the third house are likely to have a stronger preference for the performing arts and theatre than for maths and science. They therefore value life’s practical components more.

Negative Traits and Impact

They must exercise caution in one crucial area. Although they have high intellects, they should watch out for arrogance and impatience. They have the quality of believing they are always correct. This could lead to some misunderstandings between them and those nearby. They might not always get along well with the people that are close to them.

The inhabitants of the Sun in the third house could also overdo their charitable efforts. Some people could consider this to be interference. They must therefore use caution. It is best to only assist people when requested or when necessary.

People with the Sun in the third house should exercise caution while bragging about their academic accomplishments and intellectual prowess. It shouldn’t be interpreted as a brag. or give the impression that they are bragging about their abilities. They risk damaging their reputation if they are not circumspect on this front. With the help of your personalised Janampatri, learn more about your strengths and shortcomings.


The third house is concerned with communication. As a result, someone with Sun in this house may become highly chatty and expressive. The person may occasionally remark something that may not sit well with the populace. They may even run into issues as a result. They must therefore exercise caution on this front.


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